Columbia Model 39, c. 1893

This Columbia model 39 is an extremely tall safety. In later years, 1896-1898, there was a short period when more factories built very high frames, but these bikes also had a high bracket. So: the bike had a tall frame, but it could be ridden by normal sized men.
This Columbia is really a bike for tall people, with a seat tube length of 26 inch  and enormous 33 inch wheels. I am not sure, but I guess they were only built in 1893. If you know more, please send me an e-mail about this interesting bike.

In recent years, two of those bikes were sold at the Copake auction in New York. The one you see in the pictures is a very complete and original example. It features the (then new) Columbia detachable chainwheel and a lot of nice details. Brake is missing. I guess originally pneumatic tires were fitted - now it has cushion or solid tires. 

The last two pictures show the second bike sold on Copake. This was not really original, but it still has some of the original lining.